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VAE is focused around quick and high-tech developement. This is the reason why we try to support the whole prototyping chain, from idea to prototype.

3D Printing

Since 2014 we've been exploring different 3D printing techniques, this resulted in own 3D printers that are easily modifiable to customer needs.

Electronic Design

Research, schematic buildup, routing and prototype manufacturing can all be done by us. We are mostly focused on microcontroller based designs.

3D Design

3D design is only done for prototypes or 3D printing. We know how to design parts that are 100% 3D printable because of our knowledge in 3D printing.

Mechatronic XYZ Design

Because of our 3D printer design experience, we are also able to create custom (XYZ movement) devices.

Firmware/Driver Design

Because we stand very close to designed hardware, we are able to create optimized drivers and firmware for your applications.

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Belgium, 9180 Moerbeke-Waas, Heirweg 42